HTN Infrastructure

Ar. Rishikesh Kumar

Architect Rishikesh Kumar, a pivotal member of HTN Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., embarked on his architectural odyssey after earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree from NIT Trichy in 2011. His professional trajectory has been marked by a rich tapestry of experiences across a spectrum of projects, ranging from exquisite Villas to expansive Convention Centres. During his tenure at Hafeez Contractor's office and later at 'The Arch Center' in CBD Belapur, he diligently refined his expertise, particularly in navigating the intricacies of statutory approvals and successfully delivering Residential Apartment projects.

Joining HTN Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. as an architect, Rishikesh Kumar brings a steadfast commitment to fostering imaginative teamwork that transcends conventional boundaries. His approach is anchored in the belief that architecture goes beyond mere structures; it is a dynamic force capable of shaping environments and experiences. As part of the HTN team, Rishikesh Kumar contributes to the company's legacy of excellence, working towards the realization of innovative and enduring architectural solutions that elevate the quality of life for communities served by HTN Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.